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I'm walking

I have the sun in front of me
So hot, bright
Feel the fire just in the skin
So hot, kissing
As if was you

By far
is the sea on the horizon
Is there certainly
Where your soul is hidden
Poor, waiting
That sea is you

Could the night get another color
May the wind be cooler
Can the moon rising in the sky
I'll be right down the river ...

At the river mouth
Close my eyes and think of you
So close
That I awake
There is a soul in front of me so hot
Surely is you

Can the moon rising in the sky
And the clouds darken the night
Can be pitch-dark
I ended up to find you

I'm walking
I had the sun in front of me
So hot glowing
That the longing left me 
Forever, for sure
My Love is you 












More than a team of geocaching, we form a team in real life. With a common taste for this activity, one of us thought about creating a cache as a birthday gift for the other element of the team.
But if so, why the name of the cache?
Fado do Encontro is a song composed by Tim, vocalist of the Portuguese rock band “Xutos e Pontapés”, and interpreted by him in duet with Mariza, the international known Fado singer. Initially composed for Mariza’s album "Transparent", it was not included in the album and was later edited by Tim in his solo album "Um e o Outro." It is a Fado with a lot of Blues, which speaks of someone seeking his soul mate, knowing that she exists, even he couldn’t reach her. 
This song was the main music of our marriage. We gave the name “Fado do Encontro” to the table where we sat (the marriage theme was “Songs of our live” every table had a name of a special music for us), it was also first music that we danced as married couple ... Anyway, it's our music and fills us with good memories ...
And why is this place?
Right in front of you, is the water mirror from the Amalia Rodrigues Garden. This is one of our special spots. Here we came as friends, as lovers, and we also came here, among other moments, in the day we bought our house.
Here we began to build a team, a life ...
So we hope you can enjoy this space of tranquility and calm, as well as its beauty and peace ... And may this garden bring such good memories to you in the future, as it bring to us ... 

And to finish this short description, we leave you with the music video, a very special video clip found on the internet, it almost seems done specially to our team – In order to understand the joke, we say to you that Marretas is the Portuguese name for the Jim’s Henson Muppets 

Special videoclip of Fado do Encontro




Date                 : 10 augustus 2011

Place                : Lissabon

Country              : Portugal

Waypoint nr.         : 10
Cache number         : GC 2BMDJ

Cache name           : Fado do Encontro



made with love from - No Festival